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Full-Service Pet Grooming

Bring your pet to Westwood Pets Unlimited, located in Westwood, New Jersey. We offer pet grooming for all breeds of dogs.

Grooming for Your Pet

Proper grooming not only improves the physical appearance of your pet, but it also improves his physical and emotional health. Westwood Pets Unlimited provides a top-of-the-line, professional grooming service by appointment for dogs and cats. Depending on the breed and condition of your pet, we recommend that you have them groomed every six to eight weeks.

Your groomer will be happy to guide you along with a grooming schedule that meets you and your pet's specific needs. We maintain a thorough history of every pet we groom to ensure he receives the right grooming service. Most of our grooming services are completed within one-and-a-half to three hours.

Grooming includes:
  • Initial Consultation (Discuss Your Pet's Specific Needs during the First Visit)
  • Nail Clipping & Ear Cleaning
  • Brush-Out (Full Brush-Out & Combing)
  • Haircut & Trim (Styling Based upon Client Request)
  • Blowout & Drying (Remove Excess Hair & Undercoat)
Dog Being Groomed - Grooming Services in Westwood, NJ
Contact us to request a baseline quote for your pet's grooming. All pricing depends
on the type of breed, size, condition of the coat and skin, and the requested styling.

Nail clipping always available, just call first.