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Exclusively at Westwood Pets


What is it?

The Westwood Pets Wag Bag is a bi-monthly subscription bag'o goodies! Each bag contains a variety of hand picked items ranging from the latest products, tried-and-true favorites, top quality treats, chews, food, samples, toys and more! 


1 Month - $27

$30+ Value (Save $3)

3 Months - $75

$90+ Value ($25 per bag... Save $15)

6 Months - $126

$180+ Value ($21 per bag... Save $54)!!!

How it works!
  1. Sign up for the Wag Bag in store with our form

  2. Get a call at the beginning of the month that your dogs' Wag Bag is ready for pick up.

  3. Pick up the Bag at Westwood Pets at your convenience and let the waggin' begin!