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Providing you with a healthy pet that brings joy into your life makes us feel complete. The addition of a pet into your home not only brings unconditional love and happiness, but also teaches a sense of responsibility to younger members of the  family. All of our pets are personally handpicked and monitored to ensure each animal’s quality and well-being. We are always happy to guide you in choosing the right pet for your household. 

Our Passion is Pets

Small Animals

Choose from a variety of easy-going Guinea pigs, loving fancy rats, energetic Gerbils, and a selection of cute hamsters. 

Birds & Reptiles

Liven up your household with a charismatic bird from a small singing canary to a whistling cockatiel.  Or enjoy a captivating reptile. 

Freshwater Fish & Aquariums

Here at Westwood Pets we carry an assortment of colorful freshwater fish and live plants. Get started on a fun hobby with our selection of aquarium set-ups.

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